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17 Jul


Why are dental abscesses so painful?

An acute toothache can be an extremely distressing experience. The oral cavity has numerous neural connections to the brain’s pain centre and this makes the teeth extremely sensitive to pain stimuli. Besides, the gravity of a tooth pain is much more intense than pain in any other part of the body. The fact that the tooth is a unique organ implies that good oral hygiene and prompt treatment of dental problems are of utmost importance.

17 Jul


Dental tourism: What risks are involved?

Dental tourism is also called as dental vacations or dental holidays. By opting for dental tourism, individuals get their dental care treatments from outside their local health care systems and may be combined with a vacation. It is an increasingly popular concept these days. In order to get their dental treatments done at a lower cost, people are traveling outside their country. However, there are various risks associated with dental tourism that one should be aware of. Let us learn about the risks involved in traveling abroad for seeking dental treatment.