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29 Oct

Immediate Loading Implants

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Immediate loading

Immediate loading refers to situations where implant placement and prosthetic loading

take place at the same visit or within 48 hours1, 2. Immediate loading offers many potential

advantages, such as reduced number of surgical procedures and an immediate esthetic and

functional solution, thus not compromising patient’s quality of life.

Several studies evaluating implants from ANKYLOS Implant System, ASTRA TECH

Implant System and XiVE Implant System show safe and predictable results when

using an immediate loading protocol.

The studies cover implants placed in different regions and indications:

• atrophic maxilla

• single-tooth restorations

• full-arch prostheses (fixed or removable)

• immediate installation in extraction sockets

Studies evaluating immediately loaded single implants in healed ridges show high survival

rates, 98–100%, after up to 3 years in function. In addition, a number of studies

evaluating single implants immediately placed in extraction sockets show similar high

survival rates.

Results from prospective studies show maintained marginal bone levels when applying

immediate functional loading for ANKYLOS implants, ASTRA TECH Implant

System and XiVE implants respectively, after up to

5 years of follow-up. Immediately loaded implants may impact patient’s quality of life and

results from studies report on high patient satisfaction.

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