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07 Feb

Overseas Dental Tourism – A Boon or Bane?

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Risks with Overseas Dental Work

A study by the Australian Dental Association suggests that around 10,000 Australians go overseas every year to avail cheaper dental treatment. This temptation for cheaper resources is putting patients at great risk, warns the Association. If you are planning a trip to a foreign country for cheaper treatments, be aware of the following overseas dental risks:


Short-Term Bliss, Long-Term Trouble

Cheaper dental treatment can seem great in the short run. However, with time, say after 6 months, problems such as discolouration and infections can creep in. Poor standards of treatment and low-quality dental products, are often the main culprits. Trying to perform complex dental procedures involving bridges, crowns, and oral reconstruction, within a very short time is another reason for such poor-grade treatment. As a result, patients find themselves revisiting dentists in Australia for treatment rectification, ending up spending more on treatment.

Exposure to Infection

In Australia, dentists are required to comply with stringent standards for controlling infections. This standard is counted among the best in the world. You may not find such superior levels of infection control standards in other countries. In the worst case of a poor treatment, you can end up with infections, leading to the need for immediate attention and unnecessary stress.

Increased Vulnerability to Under-Qualified Dentists

A majority of complaints of poor treatment arises from Asian countries. A key reason for low quality treatments in overseas countries is the absence of stringent standards for qualifying dentists for practice. In Australia, aspirants need to go through rigorous tests successfully to qualify as a practitioner. The country has one of the highest standards for qualification for aspirants seeking specialisation in dentistry. As of 2015, only 1/3rd of dentists from foreign countries have been able to clear these tests successfully.

Additional Expenses of Multiple Visits

Some complex dental procedures may require more time for completion, in which case the patient may have to visit the overseas country more than once. This results in expenses on travel, which can turn expensive and defeat the primary purpose of seeking overseas treatment in the first place – to save costs.

Minimal Chances of Safeguarding your Rights as a Patient

When you visit a foreign country, you are on a new turf with little safety when it comes to medical rules and regulations. You may not be able to fight for your rights as a patient if you are not satisfied with the treatment. On the contrary, in Australia, there are stringent rights to safeguard a patient’s right. Place your trust only in experts when it comes to dental care. For best results, choose to go with Smile Quest Dentists, Melbourne. Our highly-qualified dentists use the safest products to provide customised treatments with the patient’s best interests in mind.

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