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22 May

What leads to white spots on teeth?

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White spots on teeth can go from a solitary speck on one tooth to spots or stamps on numerous teeth. The initial step is to find out the reasons of white spots and treat them accordingly.


White Spot on teeth Dentist Bentleigh

Here are a few reasons for white spots:

1. Tooth rot (hypocalcification)

Tooth rot (hypocalcification) is a standout amongst the most well-known reasons for white spots and it's because of the lost mineral substance in the teeth.

Poor oral cleanliness causes a development of dental plaque and this can lead to the breakdown of teeth, which might look like white spots in the enamel.

Acidic beverages can strip the mineral from teeth regardless of being sugar-free. The loss of minerals can prompt the presence of white spots on the teeth. You must immediately stop the consumption of such beverages and substitute it with water as and when possible.

If you are consuming high sugar oriented food, it might lead to white spots on teeth that can cause tooth decay. The primary phase of treatment is to limit your sugar consumption.

A dry mouth can prompt the spit to be acidic which will lead to the loss of mineral from the teeth. Numerous things, for example, drugs, lack of hydration and restorative conditions can lead to dry mouth. Find out the reasons for dry mouth and the medications must be changed accordingly.

Stomach acid harms the teeth and can lead to white spots. Gastric reflux is a major reason that harms the teeth. Conditions, for example, morning sickness, ailment that prompts vomiting and bulimia can likewise prompt white spots on the teeth.

2. Fluorosis

Fluorosis happens when you consume more fluoride while the teeth are being framed in the initial eight years of your life. It tends to influence the majority of the teeth and can extend from gentle white spots or lines to darker spots. The treatment depends on the seriousness of the condition.

Mild fluorosis can frequently be treated with tooth brightening and smaller scale scraped area that helps the white spots blur into the normal tooth shading. It is better to consult a dentist in case of serious fluorosis.

3. Hereditary clutters

Amelogenesis Imperfecta is a hereditary issue that aggravates the advancement of the teeth. It affects the baby as well as adult teeth.

4. Celiac ailment

Celiac ailment is a condition where gluten leads to serious consequences.  It leads to white spots while the enamel is developing. The tooth defects are permanent and may lead to treatment such as teeth whitening, composite fills, micro-abrasion, porcelain veneers in older children or adults to deal with the white spots.

5. Medications:

The antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline can lead to white spots if consumed by children whose teeth are still developing. This kind of discoloration tends to influence a large portion of the teeth and the treatment is tooth brightening, composite pitch holding, and porcelain polishes.

On the off chance that you are worried about any white spots on your teeth, you better visit a dentist. The dentist will prescribe the right treatment amongst teeth brightening, micro-abrasion, composite gum white fillings, and porcelain finish holding.

Want to explore more options to deal with white spots on teeth? Dentist Bentleigh provides complete dental care at a reasonable price. The services include cosmetic and general dentistry including Zoom whitening, extractions, root canal treatments, crown and bridge, veneers, Invisalign, white composite fillings, mouth/night guards, dentures and so on.

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