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Painful or aching jaw? sore sensetive teeth? tension headache?

Most people are not aware of their bruxism. Only an estimated 5% go on to develop symptoms, such as jaw pain and headaches, which prompt treatment.

What does clenching and grinding your teeth have to do with painful jaw sore sensetive teeth, stiff neck and tension headache?

The high intensity contractions of these powerful muscles become painful and the forces generated cause pain to surrounding tissues,joints,and other muscles.By reducing the intensity of the clenching, you are effectively minimizing the source of the pain.

Has this treatment been tested?

The NTI-tss Device has been used successfully with thousands of patients in the US and has received marketing allowance from FDA and TGA.

What can we do to help ?

In one office visit, dentist bentleigh east can create a custom made NTI-tss device. The tiny, clear- plastic device fits over your top two front teeth.you only wear the NTI-tss device while you sleep at night. It makes clenching virtually impossible. In a few days or weeks,your clenching reflex is suppressed and morning headache pain, sore jaw begins to resolve an disappear.

Is there a difference between the NTI-TSS devices and the traditional dental night guards? 

Yes. Traditional flat plane splints and night guard devices provide a surface for you to bite down on. New studies show however, that these devices can actually increase the intensity of your clenching reflex, often to over 104% of your normal bite. High-intensity clenching has recently been found to be the real cause of the problem, with NTI-tss Dentist Bentleigh can begin to solve the real problem: actually preventing your back teeth from clenching intensely and coming into contact with each other, stop intense clenching, stop the source of the pain. The temporalis muscles are kept from contracting with their usual intensity. The clenching reflex is suppressed and almost eliminated. The NTI-tss device helps to keep it from happening. However the major advantage of dental implant is that the adjacent teeth are not affected.

Can the NTI device realy help make me feel better?

Yes. By reducing the intensity of involuntary clenching at night while you are asleep. Nti-tss device minimizes clenching intensity and, in time, minimizes intense clenching as the source of your pain.