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Dentures are artificial, removable replacements for natural teeth when disease, injury or years of inadequate dental care has left you with few or no healthy teeth of your own. Dentures, made to look like your natural teeth in shape and color, can replace all or some of your teeth. They are one option to restore your smile and reinstate your ability to chew food.

Dentist east Bentleigh provides the best Dental services including Artificial Dentures and Fast Braces

Types of Dentures

Partial denture: A partial denture is made to fill the space left by a few missing teeth. To hold the partial denture in position, clasps are used to secure the denture to nearby natural teeth.

Full denture: A full denture is made when all the natural teeth are missing. It is fitted to replace the upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.

Immediate denture: The dentist inserts an immediate denture at the same appointment as the teeth are extracted. The advantage is that the patient avoids a period without teeth.

Over-denture: An over-denture is a denture that fits:

  • over the top of remaining teeth
  • over tooth roots that have had root canal treatment, or
  • by attachment to dental implants.

Remaining teeth or dental implants act as anchors to secure it in place.

Materials: Dentures can be made of acrylic or metal. Smile Quest Dentist Bentleigh will advise you about the best material for you.