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Dental Implant & All-on-4

Dental Implants in Bentleigh

As they look and feel like natural teeth, they restore your oral functionality as well as your confidence. The best part of this procedure is healthy adjacent teeth are not altered to provide support for the replacement tooth. Next, as the natural tooth bone is replicated, it encourages tissue and bone growth to create natural looking teeth. Surprisingly, the procedure is not very painful. Although different people have different levels of tolerance to pain, most of the patients report little discomfort, if any, after the procedure. However, the major advantage of the dental implant is that the adjacent teeth are not affected.

Therefore, whether you want to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth or secure a removable denture, dental implants make a great option. If you are looking out for east Bentleigh dentist, then we have got you covered. Our experts will ensure that your missing tooth/teeth are successfully replaced to restore your oral functionality and aesthetics. 

 Dental Implant in Dentist Bentleigh


Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants are revolutionary alternatives for efficiently fixing a missing tooth. They form a stable foundation, which looks, feels and functions like natural tooth structure. Therefore, they make a safe, and effective long-term fix to numerous teeth problems including missing tooth and teeth whitening as well as poorly fitting dentures. Similar to natural tooth structure, dental implants provide stimulation to surrounding bone, thereby preserving your bone structure. We help you to regain your healthy smile by replacing the missing teeth using dental implants. So, if you are looking out for efficient services of dental implant across Bentleigh, then you have come to the right place. 

Dental Implant in Dentist Bentleigh

Not addressing the space created by missing tooth leads to various dental complications. One of the major impacts includes, change in position of the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth. Next, the root of the missing tooth might cause shrinkage of your jawbone, making your face look prematurely old. Dental implants are artificial teeth roots that serve as a new base for the replacement tooth. Made of titanium, they are bio-degradable and are extremely safe for the human body. 

 Dental Implant in Dentist Bentleigh

Perfect Implant Options for Superior Results

We understand that the needs for dental implants vary with individuals. There are no two patients with similar missing space. Every implant company limits itself to a few sizes mainly for economic reasons. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to one or two brands and deprive you of finding best possible options. Smile Quest Dentist Bentleigh have got dental implants from all the major brands under one roof to help you to find the one that precisely caters to your dental needs across Bentleigh.

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