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General Dentistry

At Smile Quest Dentists Bentleigh we place a great deal of importance on regular dental checkups and cleanings. A plan of preventive dentistry is the most important service.

General Dentistry

Dental Hygiene & Cleaning

Smile Quest Dentists places a great deal of importance on regular dental checkups and cleanings. A plan of preventive dentistry and emergency dentistry is the most important service we offer. Regularly scheduled examinations and professional cleanings are the best way to achieve long-term good dental health. Keeping a beautiful and healthy smile throughout your lifetime is now possible, and the professionals at Smile Quest Dentists will show you how.

Early detection is key to avoiding costly and painful dental treatment. Prevention begins with the control of plaque and calculus (tartar), the main causes of decay and gum disease.

Composite Restorations (White Filling)

If you need a filling, composite fillings (White filling) can work wonders for you. What is better than Using materials that match the shade, translucency and the texture of your teeth? Gaps between teeth can be closed, spots and discolorations can be eliminated, and your self-confidence can be enhanced through the improved appearance of your smile. The composite materials that are bonded to your teeth have a completely natural look, and allow you to eat, bite and chew as you normally would. Tooth bonding is a fairly simple procedure that rarely takes more than one office visit, other than in the most unique of circumstances. Composite bonding is excellent for small defects in the teeth: spots, chips, or gaps between teeth.

With composite fillings, Bentleigh Dentist can fill up spaces between teeth, lengthen smaller misshapen teeth, or whiten stained or dark teeth. Bonding for teeth involves the use of composite resin tooth-colored filling material. This material can be used on the anterior (front) teeth or posterior (back) teeth. Although not as durable as ceramic, composite works wonders for most minor procedures.